You're never alone when you're with Friends

Welcome to FRIENDS!

Who are we?

We are a social group for the 45 plus age group based in the Solihull West Midlands area. We started the group 25 years ago because a mixed crowd of us (Singles, Divorced and Couples) wanted to go out and have more fun but found it hard to find out where the fun was going on. So we started Friends.

Currently we have a mix of ages from 45 year olds (singles and couples) to retired with a span of interests for all types of things. Age is certainly not a restriction here when it comes to having a good time and joining in the fun.

Don't assume everything revolves around drinking and partying either. We also run 'quieter' events like quizzes, going out for meals to Friends homes or restaurants, theatre visits, dancing, cycling and walking and lots more.

More info on activities can be found here.

You don't need stay at home all alone when there is so much going on at the Group all the time.

Where are we?

We hold weekly meetings at a local pub called The Woodmans Rest Pub in Shirley Solihull which is when everyone can get together for a drink (alcohol or soft drink - it doesn't matter) and discuss ideas for activities and events that can go into upcoming programmes.

A Google Map of the The Woodmans Rest Pub can be found here.

woodmans-rest-pub.jpgThis is also when prospective members (like you we hope) can come along and find out more about us in a relaxing environment without any commitment needed from you. It's only after a few weeks of seeing how the club works that we invite you to join - if you want to. It's not until then that we try to rob your bank account - no sorry only joking. It only costs a few quid a month to be a member and for that you can also come to any of the regular subsidised events we hold like the Summer Ball and Christmas Dinner Dance. These are always great times to come and let your hair down and have a great time.

When are we?

All days! Well almost. We usually manage to get something organised for most days of the month so when you are feeling like some company or want to do something all you have to do is check out the monthly progamme.

You can see a Sample of the Events we hold here

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Access Friends Website Members Area?

Firstly you must be a paid up member of the group, then it's simple - just click the Login link at the top right of the page or click here. Then click the Registration Link on that page, enter an email and a password and send the form. We will then confirm that you are a member and will complete your registration for you and send you an email to confirm.

As a member you will then have access to more pages within the website that non-members or guests cannot see. You will be able to see the current and past programmes, photos of past events and contact the Committee and other members.

Remember you can come and see if the Group is for you! It's Free for your 1st four weeks. Then it is £5 per month

You could even say Try Before You Buy! It's only the cost of a couple of coffees for a whole month so it's not even too expensive to try the Club out first. There is no ongoing commitment. You can cancel at any time for any reason.



Note this web site is only used for Potential New Members to gain information about the Group.

Also, should you NOT want any photos of yourself to appear on this website then pease make it known to "Friendsweb" by completing the contact us form and supply a passport type photo for our files only!